Melanie Phillips: a one woman hate machine

So today has seen The Daily Mail do again what it does best: righteous ranting mixed with bigotry. Apparently this poor excuse for a newspaper wasn’t content with its attempts last week at homophobia, where it included a cartoon depicting a gay couple as Neo-Nazis (referencing the recent story about a gay couple who were denied the right to stay in a double bedroom at a Bed & Breakfast owned by a Christian couple on the basis of their orientation); clearly this was too subtle and was overlooked by many of its readers.

On to attempt number two. Melanie Phillips, that bastion of all that is good and true, has written a doozy today. It seems this poor gal just can’t catch a break from us gays and our agenda. A campaigning group called “Schools Out” is looking to introduce a government-backed initiative to incorporate LGBT elements in to lessons, in an effort to, as far as I can see, normalise the presence of gay people in everyday life. You know, so the reaction to a fellow student coming out as gay is met with “what’s the big deal?” as opposed to ridicule and ostracisation; Melanie clearly likes to maintain a healthy level of hate and discrimination in the classroom, rather than love and understanding. What a peach she is!

Here’s an actual quote from her article:

“And it’s all part of the ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very ­concept of normal sexual behaviour.”

Now, perhaps I dozed off at the last meeting of The Gays, but I don’t recall this “ruthless campaign” being mentioned. I could spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and web-space carefully dissecting and arguing against this diatribe but I think any sane person can read her article and see that she is clearly just a homophobe and her arguments come from a place of irrational hate rather than rational thought processes.

The most worrying thing about this article is that this woman is given such a widely-read platform to spew this hate and on a regular basis, seen as how she is one of the Daily Mail’s core contributors. Fortunately the reaction from the people on Twitter that I interact with seems to be mainly that of condemnation, though sadly, I’m sure many a reader of the Daily Mail will find themselves happily nodding along to her words. It merely reinforces the fact that the Gay Community still has a way to go before this sort of opinion is relegated to the peripherals of society rather than proudly printed in the mainstream press.


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