Friday Fittie: Jon Foster

Today’s choice: Jon Foster, the guy probably best know for starring with Jenna Elfman in what I felt was the underrated sitcom “Accidentally on Purpose”. Anyway, here he is:

Oh, and FYI, if the show comes on again, he’s not averse to taking his shirt off; bonus!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fittie: Jon Foster

  1. I really enjoyed Foster in “Door In The Floor” opposite Kim Bassinger and Jeff Bridges. I would be so tempted to ask him “How did it feel to be so close to Kim Bassinger?” He portrayed such a naieve and yet energetic sexiness. If Foster were gay, I would give almost anything for a couple of weeks between the sheets with him. But, as Debbie Harry said, dreaming is free.


  2. EJ

    I’ve not seen that film. My first knowledge of him is from the short-lived but funny sitcom “Accidentally on Purpose”, which I thought was cut down before it really hit its stride.

    Oh, and why are you restricting yourself to a mere two weeks in your dream scenario? 😉


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