Dead Island: new zombie game trailer

In a word: amazing. Have a watch below, but beware it is quite grisly in places and as Graham Linehan (@Glinner) said on Twitter when he retweeted this trailer, it is rather haunting to watch.

As a massive fan of the “Left 4 Dead” games, “Dead Island” looks like it has the potential to be just as much of a monster hit. Of course the gameplay is key, and even though the graphics look phenomenal, it is just a trailer so may not be entirely representative of in-game graphics; though I imagine they’ll probably be pretty close. Having read the article about it at the IGN site, I like the fact that the developer’s intention is to make it melee-heavy combat, increasing the level of realism by having much more location-likely weapon choices like fire-axes, broomsticks & knives. As a comparison, the melee combat on the “Left 4 Dead” games is enjoyable, though not always realistic; I mean who leaves a Katana just casually lying around in a hotel room?

The proof of the pudding, as they say, will be in the eating. Even the editor at IGN said it was still too early to call with so little of the game available to view, however if I could pre-order this game already, I would.


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