Friday Fittie: Christian & Oliver

In this time of austerity it only seems fitting that I should be doing a two-for-one on Friday Fitties; what can I say, I’m a giver. It’s a burden. Anyways, today’s special is Thore Schölermann & Jo Weil, better known as the soap world’s best gay couple, Christian Mann & Oliver (Olli) Sabel respectively, as seen in the delightful German soap “Verbotene Liebe” (“Forbidden Love“). The show reminds me at times of Sunset Beach (a hilarious campfest) but not quite as, err, extreme! Here are Olli (left) & Christian (right) though…

I have only recently discovered this show & have been eagerly consuming the mountain of “Chrolli” episodes that fans of the couple have been uploading to YouTube. If you’re interested start here, as this is where Olli returns from being away for five years to meet/fall in love with Christian. The creators of these videos have edited all the “Chrolli” stuff (plus any other necessary scenes for plot lines) together so you don’t have to watch way more than is required to follow their storyline. More importantly, if you don’t speak German there are English subtitles.

Having watched 250+ of these videos (they vary in length from 2 to 10 minutes) the thing that I like most about their portrayal is that the relationship is treated on a par with the straight relationships in the show; well once Christian comes to terms with his sexuality at least. So if soaps are your bag and you would like to watch a lovely relationship between two hot men unfold then go to that YouTube link now and start watching!


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