Katy Perry featuring Kanye West – “E.T.” Video Review

So the fourth single to be released from Katy Perry’s second album is “E.T”, the video for which recently made its début on YouTube. The following bunch of guff is my review of the video and song.

The video opens with a slightly creepy, dystopian landscape, with a haunting excerpt of a song being played that sounds like something from the 1950s; it’s a juxtaposition that has been used to good effect for things such as the trailer for the computer game “Fallout 3“. With its initial homing in on a quirky little robot, to my mind it was also a little reminiscent of the brilliant kids’ film “Return to Oz“.

He's no Tic Toc


The song then begins by starting off with the artist who’s well-known for being a shy and retiring wallflower: Kanye West. Indeed some of his opening lines include “I’m a massive cock legend” and “I’m a big-headed ASStronaut”; you get the feeling this “legend’s” handlers probably have to constantly insert random words like “astronaut” when reporting insulting comments Kanye has overheard: “No! He said you were a big headed astronaut, not big headed. Pfft! Who on Earth would think that? Is it OK for me to continue polishing your diamond teeth now?”. Anyway, in the video, Kanye spends the entirety of the song farting around in what appears to be some sort of escape pod, floating around in zero-gravity, only reappearing once again later on in the song to mumble some more words.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

As a side note, although Kanye’s is not the worst guest-appearance on an otherwise great track, I do wish singers would stop roping in rappers like this, I guess it’s with the intention of earning some extra street-cred or appealing to a slightly wider market; incidentally the album version of “E.T.” doesn’t have Kanye on it. For instance, Jay-Z’s moronic drivel at the start of Rihanna’s mega-hit “Umbrella” adds nothing to the song; likewise, the even more moronic sounding Slim Thug on Gwen Stefani’s “Luxurious” always makes me want to skip the track rather than listen to the rest. I still don’t think it’s entirely coincidental that the words ‘rap’ and ‘crap’ are separated by one letter. Anyhoo, back to the review.

After Kanye’s finished stroking his ego, Katy floats past, initially appearing as a gangly grey alien entwined in large pieces of fabric, then having fits and morphing in to bastardised versions of a flower, a cockatoo and then finally a cross between a snake and a Roman warrior. Katy’s make-up and outfits are certainly striking throughout the video, enhancing her natural good looks, and the video itself is a collection of rich visuals. The futuristic dystopian setting is complimented and neatly underlined by the quick flashes of stock images from the natural world.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a mega-boobed alien pop star!

However, I would say the ending of the video is a little weak and odd. Katy’s alien crashes down to the planet near the aforementioned robot, which after being touched by her, morphs in to a black albino man. Katy gives him a quick kiss, as you do, and then bends down to pick up some sunglasses SPONSORED BY VOGUE, the name appearing overly clearly, as if enhanced in post-production; still it’s nowhere near the  atrociously blatant product placement that went on in Britney’s video for “Hold It Against Me“. The sponsorship seems a little shoehorned in to me, as I’m not really sure why she would need to don a pair of sunglasses at this point; out of the two of them you would think the guy would need the eye protection more than her.

Finally the camera pulls back to reveal the man is entirely, and I would say rather pointlessly, nude, just as the lower half of Katy’s outfit falls away to reveal she has the legs of a deer…err, what?! Why would she not have the legs of a human seen as how she can apparently morph in to anything and everything? Perhaps I’m reading to much in to the alien concept here?


All in all though, it’s a good video, with some stunning visuals and it’s a great song to boot, even if it does have Kanye West on it. Check it out for yourselves below:


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