Stuck On Repeat: Stooshe “Fuck Me”

New girl group "Stooshe"

As you can tell from the song name, this won’t be one to play at your kid’s birthday party any time soon, well, unless you’re an ex-Jeremy Kyle…I want to say contestant?

Anyway, this song is great fun, dripping with a kind of cockney-sass in the vein of Jessie J and lyrically akin to the kind of humour heard in Lily Allen’s superb track “Knock ’em Out“. Stooshe are a new girl group for 2011 made up of Courtney Rumbold, Alex Buggs and Karis Anderson, and if this song is any indication of their future output, I can’t wait to hear their album. One of the opening lines to the song “Fuck Me” is, “Now girls, what we gonna call these boys who don’t like it raw? Pussy ‘oles!” which kind of sets the tone for the whole song, as if the title didn’t do that already! This song is total filth and I love it!

A song called “Fuck Me” could have been such an appalling bad song, but this song is insanely catchy with impressive vocals from the girls, helping to set them apart from novelty acts such as “Daphne & Celeste”, a sign they will hopefully have longevity. The song bounces along with an up-tempo Amy Winehouse type vibe, and after the rap guest-spot in the middle of the song by Suave Debonair (side note: cockney rappers never sound quite right, do they? Fine on a fun song like this, but as a full-time artist? Mmm, perhaps not.) they seamlessly break in to a brief section of En Vogue’s brilliant “Free Your Mind”, which is another plus point in my book. Additionally, not since Geri Halliwell in “Wannabe” has a dirty cackle been employed so brilliantly in a song.

Enough gabbing, here’s the video:


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