Sorry For Any Inconvenience Caused…

If you’re reading this you’ve likely followed my tweet link or are named Sherlock and are a dab hand with Google. I recently changed the address and name of this blog because the previous incarnation of “Music and a Moan” was chosen slightly in haste when I was initially setting up the blog, as it had to be chosen before doing anything else.

Of course, as dictated by Sod’s Law, I instantly regretted the name choice, mainly because it was quite a negative sounding name and I wasn’t talking THAT much about music, as was my original intention (let’s be honest, it’s mainly a lot of bullshit), but I stuck with it until it bugged the hell out of me and buckled, choosing a new home and name for it.

Hope I didn't cause too much of this....unless you were hungry, of course.

Additionally, it coincided with my umpteenth blog theme change, though the layout of this particular one was the kind I was intending to have for a while, so fingers crossed it should remain like this for the foreseeable future, though don’t hold me to that…

Anyway, long story short, just thought I should clear this up: it is the same blog, by the same idiot (hello! *waves*) just at a different internet address and name. I thought it was worth making a post so I could put the name of the old blog somewhere here so if someone searched for it they may find me again, blah, blah, blah, enough now!

As you were…


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