Perhaps I Need to Reconsider My View of Kids…

This video is great. In case you’ve not seen it before, it’s of a kid who meets his first gay couple and his reaction to this BRAND NEW INFORMATION makes my heart melt; and I say that as someone who (as anyone who knows me in real life will attest) isn’t too fond of kids, generally speaking. It’s amazing how a kid gets it, but millions of homophobic adults across the world don’t. Here’s to the future when everyone thinks this way, or at least the overwhelming majority.


3 thoughts on “Perhaps I Need to Reconsider My View of Kids…

  1. I love this. Like you, I wasn’t too fond of kids either until my nephew and niece were born. I’ve come to realise that it’s the adults in their lives who fail them. Certainly in my family, I’d say the 2 small children are the most enlightened, open minded and least bigoted with the ability to apologise unprompted and the only ones I can reason with. Unfortunately, they can also be relied on for 100% honesty. When asked if he’d share his brand spanking new bike with me, my nephew looked at me with pity and replied “No auntie, because your bottom is too big.”


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