Pimping, Podcasting & Pastures New

So, err, yep, not done a proper post in a while, sorry about that! I do have my reasons, beyond being generally a bit slack (there may have been an element of that too).

To distract you from my lack of new posts I come bearing gifts, and by that I mean I am going to pimp out my Twitter friends and pimp them hard. It’s basically an extremely comprehensive #ff to them all. I KNOW IT’S NOT FRIDAY,  SO SUE ME! (Please don’t).

Here we go:

First out the box is my Canadian-brother-from-another-mother: the very lovely Greg. This guy I am eternally indebted to for introducing me to some of my favourite artists. He’s been responsible for pointing me towards the sublime and woefully under-recognised Sophia Somajo, a Swedish pop maestro. Do yourself a favour and check out her album The Laptop Diaries. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you may recall I posted a rather gushing article about this very album. Additionally, he introduced me to other amazing up-and-comers: Florrie & Simon Curtis (I also did a review of his 100% free debut 8bit Heart here). This all leads me to the fact that you should probably check out his Tumblr music blog Auditory Love so you can be kept abreast of the pop acts you will no doubt fall in love with. He can also be found on Twitter: @gregkills.

Moving on, we have the equally lovely Susan, who I met for the first time just this past weekend to join in on the insanity that is the podcast Skeletor’s Mouthpiece; more on that later. Anyway, I can officially vouch for her loveliness having spent most of Saturday talking with her. She’s also been a little like my unpaid PR, often retweeting my blog posts to her several hundred followers, so I’d like to say a big thank you to you, Sooz, for being so supportive. Like me, she can often be found chatting away on Twitter and is definitely worth a follow too, @speedqueenie. In addition to Twitter, she runs a neat, bite-size, celebrity news website called Speedqueenie’s Juice Explosion which is kept up-to-date with all the important goings-on in Celeb Land if you need to get your gossip on the go.

Next we have a 2-4-1 double bill.

First billing goes to two lovely, London-based gents called Matt (@MattMusic78) & James (@iamlongy). I had the pleasure of meeting Matt in person recently when I went to London for another friend’s birthday party. **BONUS TWITTER RECOMMENDATION KLAXON** At the same time as meeting Matt, I also met the equally delightful & naturally funny Carly (@CantWalkInHeels), and between them they gave me a thoroughly entertaining lunch hour…or three. I may have even been late for aforementioned party.

Anyway, Matt & James run a weekly, hour-long radio show called “Whatever We Want“, where they chat away about anything from “politics to pop music” in a very amusing and genial fashion, interspersed with some of their music choices. In one of their recent shows there was even a lot of chat about Rihanna’s boobs, which is a surprising preoccupation for two gay men, but there you have it; there’s no discrimination here!

Last but not least is the dynamic duo of Adam (@desmondpot) & Dan (@danscratcher) who run a podcast called Skeletor’s Mouthpiece (@skeletorspiece). I’m not sure how I’d go about classifying their show… iTunes has them under comedy and it’s certainly funny, though the topics are very random, very adult, very inappropriate but very, very entertaining. Adam in particular has the extremely impressive ability of having permanent foot-in-mouth syndrome, deftly and passively encouraged by Dan sitting back and letting him just talk and talk and talk some more.

This allows me to stop the pimping and smoothly segue into podcasting. As alluded to earlier, I headed over to Skeletor’s Mouthpiece HQ at the weekend. I met Susan en route, with Adam picking us up from the train station having first gone to the wrong station; it wasn’t the most encouraging of starts, but in a way, not entirely unsurprising (sorry, Adam!). When we arrived at Skeletor’s Mouthpiece HQ, Dan was waiting for us ready to get started. After copious tea & biscuits (rock and roll, huh?) we started our podcasting session.

We crammed in a lot of inane babble, which if I’m honest I can’t recall specifics of, I reckon my brain may have selectively blacked-out some of it to preserve my sanity, as well as creating plausible deniability. Anyhoo, these episodes are currently being edited by Adam so will at some point materialise over the next week or two. I shall link to them on here, unless I come off like an utter tit, then I may have to revisit this post Men In Black style & remove all incriminating references to the podcast. I’m sure…well, I hope it’s all fine. Watch this space for updates.

Finally, pastures new. One of the main reasons for lack of posts is because *cue fanfare* I’ve recently become a contributor for online LGBT magazine, So So Gay. So far I seem to be mainly doing content for the Culture side of it (music & TV reviews, etc), but I’ve also made some feature suggestions too which seemed to go down well, so time permitting and me being able to harness my inner-Monica, those should come to fruition too.

It’s quite an interesting feeling to have to submit work for approval, especially when it’s published and you notice an editor has made amendments to your phrasing. It’s yet to cause me to react Giles Coren-style & throw a massively wobbly in an email – mainly because they’ve been very minor tweaks – but it is an odd feeling when you see edits to your writing; it’s a bit like being back at school.

I’ll try and make posts here still, since the nature of writing articles for So So Gay is that they should be a bit more professional and less opinion based, so I’ll need to make jokes & mock people less. Good God, what HAVE I gotten myself into?!

Anyway, you can check out So So Gay here. Alternatively, I will put my various SSG posts on here too, but there will be a delay between them being published there & when I can upload them here; soz, thems da rules. For the moment at least, you could, nay, should check out the peeps & their sites I’ve recommended above.



3 thoughts on “Pimping, Podcasting & Pastures New

  1. Dean

    I shall check out your on-line gay mag. I’ve only ever bought one gay mag in my life (May 2011 Attitude).

    I think you should more podcasting as you have a very clear voice.


      1. Dean

        It was the day before I was having drinks with the editor of Attitude at a screening so thought best to read his mag. It was ok, I thought they’d be more sex stuff though which was a crushing disappointment.


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