1985: A Vintage Year for Creating Musical Brilliance.

*blows thick layer of dust off blog*

Well I have been totes-majuh-excited.com this week *overdosing on X Factor face* thanks mainly to some superb new music from two up-and-coming artists, both of whom were born in 1985, hence this post’s title.

First up is that Swedish genius that I’ve banged on about before and that I’m going to bang on about again (and undoubtedly many times again in the future), Sophia Somajo, though with an apparent rebranding to “Soso”. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Provided she doesn’t go down the route of that prize plonker Puff Daddy/Diddy/Dickhead and stop after this one renaming, then I think I am OK with it (I’m sure she’ll no doubt be relieved to hear that); it certainly makes her easier to tell people about as I only recently realised I’d been mispronouncing her surname all this time. For those interested, it seems it’s pronounced something like So-mah-yo.

Sophia Somajo

On Tuesday, Soso tweeted a link to the first airing of her new track, Who’s Gonna Love Me from her second album due out next year, That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China (which will include the brilliant Wristcutters Inc). After a brief discussion on Twitter with my favourite Canadian, Greg, we decided that, yes, once again Soso has come up trumps, leaving us frothing at the mouth for the album. So without further ado, wrap you ears around this aural delight.

Soso – Who’s Gonna Love Me:

The other artist I’ve had stuck-on-repeat this week is British singer-songwriter Kelli-Leigh, who’s as talented as she is beautiful (kinda makes you sick, huh?).


By way of a weird coincidence, on the same day Soso first tweeted her new track, Kelli-Leigh was performing in London to promote her début EP, I Am Here, a six-track of pure joy, which I’ve embedded below so you can easily have a listen, because I’m good like that.

Whereas Soso falls more into the kind of electro-pop that is all the rage at the moment (except all her tracks are truly brilliant), Kelli-Leigh’s music is a kind of rocky pop with a soulful edge. Each track is so beautifully sung, and if I lived in London (or anywhere nearby) I’d have attended her EP launch, about which I’ve only heard good things.

Personal favourites from I Am Here are the stunning Missing You and the short yet punchy Opinion. I’m reliably informed by her lovely manager Matt, that I Am Here will shortly be available on iTunes, so yay for that, and hopefully, memory-like-a-sieve permitting, I shall update this post with a link. For now, anyway, you can check out this super talented lady’s EP below, who in my opinion is definitely one to watch.

UPDATE: click HERE to buy Kelli-Leigh’s superb debut EP on UK iTunes!

Kelli-Leigh – I Am Here (EP)


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