No Way No Gay (Marriage)

So apparently 2012 is still too soon for gay people to be considered equals by everyone. Great stuff.

Just when you think you’re living in a progressive country with an enviable reputation for gay rights and societal acceptance, along comes news stating that members of your currently elected government are about to block legislation to enable you to marry the love of your life. Cheers for that.

I love it when these homophobes talk about how gay people being allowed to marry will undermine the institution of marriage. That same holy institution that allowed such sacred unions as Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander, Kim Kardashian and her pet giant, Kris Humphries (seriously, he’s massive!).

"Fee, fi, fo, fum, I got married to the big-assed one"

On the one hand, I suppose it’s at least a step in the right direction that the leader of the Conservative Party and our Prime Minister is openly supporting this bill that these bigoted backbenchers are trying to block. On the other, IT’S TWO THOUSAND AND BLOODY TWELVE!

The whole marriage malarkey is a bit of a funny one for me, since I don’t believe in any of the assorted sky fairies on offer, so when I do manage to meet and, through attrition, get Matt Czuchry to marry me, we’ll be naturally having a civil ceremony, rather than a religious affair. Apart from anything else, there will be quite enough gays in attendance without another one officiating it.

Back off, bitches, I called dibs!

I also take issue with the fact that the religious element of a marriage seems to take precedence. To my mind, we should be placing emphasis on celebrating the love of two people (gay or straight), not whether some invisible, unproven entity sanctions the couple involved.

A marriage should be an umbrella term to mean any couple who have decided to enter a union officially, for better or worse, and is recognised by the whole of society bringing all the associated benefits. If you then wish to have your union blessed or similar, then that should be entirely up to you, but bring no extra benefits, outside of a church at least.

The problem is the situation is all arse about front, and this is because in centuries past religiosity was rife and the default position. At a time when we didn’t know any better, these religious norms became embedded within the fabric of the world we live in.

In a general sense I am of course pro gay marriage, particularly since the rights afforded to married couples are greater than those in a civil union. However, I am also conflicted. While the gay part of me feels like it’s pursuing a step forward for equal rights, the atheist part of me feels it’s a step backwards for diminishing religion’s stranglehold on the world.

While it often baffles me that people of earnest faith still exist in the modern world, somehow I’m even more astonished when someone is gay and deeply religious, since the overwhelming majority of people objecting to gay marriage (and LGBT people in general for that matter) have and use religious faith as the justification for this stance. How does one reconcile a faith in a God who, aside from creating all the ills of the world like disease, natural disasters and a platform for the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, he also allows all and sundry to hate you purely for the way he supposedly created you. I mean COME ON?!

"The Only Way Is Essex": clearly the Devil's handiwork.

In the broader scheme of things, putting aside my issue with religion, it’s kind of staggering how we still have so much ground to win on gay rights, certainly from an international perspective where some countries still punish gay people for merely existing with imprisonment or even death. I look forward to the day that all this arguing, campaigning and fighting is consigned to the history books.

Legalise gay marriage already.


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