EP Review: Mýa – Sweet XVI

Originally published on So So Gay on 28 April 2014.

‘I’m more than just a pretty face / I’m more than just a bangin’ body / Much more than what you think you see / I’m a super, super woman,’ Mýa cries out modestly on the infectious chorus to opening track ‘Super Woman’. Clearly Miss Harrison has lost none of the confidence she displayed on one of her biggest hits to date, 2003′s saucy ‘My Love is Like…Wo’.

Sweet XVI, Mýa’s latest EP release, is another polished crop of tracks from the R&B singer. The 1-2 punch of opening tracks ‘Super Woman’ and Cherry Lips’ are a strong introduction to a musical package which shows that, even though she may be doing the self-publishing, indie label route these days, Mýa is still very much able to write a killer hook. Since day one, she has been heavily involved with the writing of her own material and her back-catalogue is full of catchy jams that really ought to have reached a larger audience.

mya-sweet-xviBoth ‘Super Woman’ and ‘Cherry Lips’ are infectious, toe-tapping tracks that could have easily appeared on her last (and superb) studio album, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy & Simple) – the latter song being full of sunny, Caribbean rhythms that would make it a perfect choice for a summer single. Hot on their heels are buzz single ‘Same Page’ – a smooth duet with fellow Grammy-winner Eric Bellinger – and the twinkling swagger of ‘Right Now’, which take the EP down a few BPMs.

Perhaps the only misstep on Sweet XVI is ‘M.O.N.E.Y.’, a languishing hip-hop number with lyrics that are as sleazy as the general vibe of the track as a whole. Certainly it seems the kind of thing a lesser artist might do when compared to its successor and the EP’s closing track.

‘Unbreakable’ is a fantastic song to send the EP out on. Both empowering and uplifting, the mid-tempo track also features new rap talent, Mike Check, who has a style of delivery very much in the manner of Kanye West. With its determined bassline and lyrics like ‘nothing comes easy, but don’t stop believing … just stand your ground and be unbreakable’, it’s a great anthem that manages to avoid being schmaltzy.

With the plan being to combine this EP with February’s EP, With Love, to create a full length album, for those who are yet to buy either EP it’ll certainly be a package worth checking out, as it’ll also contain additional content that will undoubtedly be similarly great.

Standout Tracks: ‘Super Woman’ / ‘Cherry Lips’ / ‘Unbreakable’

Sweet XVI is available to download from Amazon and iTunes now.


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