#Recommended: Mýa

Originally published on So So Gay on 21 May 2014.

16 years since the release of her self-titled début album and still going strong, D.C. native Mýa has released two EPs this year ahead of a forthcoming new studio album. The latest EP, Sweet XVI, we reviewed at the end of April and shows that the Grammy Award-winner has lost none of her skills at writing a killer hook. Today, however, we asked Mýa to explore her music library and tell us about those songs that really resonate with her.

For her #Recommended, Mýa told us the songs that make her…


‘Merry Go Round’ by Kacey Musgraves. This song is such a juxtaposition of tradition of the stereotyped, assumed ‘American Dream’, and it’s how I believe many honest women might feel at some point in their lives toward expectation and routine. With a play on the words Mary, marry & merry, Kacey hits home for me on this one.


Gunpowder and Lead’ by Miranda Lambert. Ticked off? This is the perfect song to get over pain. Might wanna take a few lessons at the shooting range first beforehand, to make sure your aim is on point. I just love kick ass female anthems! Amazing break-up record or recovery record for those who have been through craziness with a significant other.


‘Give It to Me Baby’ by Rick James. Rick James does it every time for me! The funk flavour, the freedom, the fierceness makes me want to wack, pose and go completely off on the dance floor! One of my favorite party anthems EVER.


Home’ by Stephanie Mills. This song touches that sentimental and deep place, whether I’m travelling or on home ground. I have cried a few times listening to this one as it’s a constant reminder of going back to roots of simplicity, joy and unconditional love amongst life’s rough terrain. Forever one of my favourites!


‘Stir It Up’ by Bob Marley. ‘Stir It Up’ takes my body, spirit and mind to a relaxed state. No additives. Just a cool vibe that reminds me that no matter what… it’s okay for life to slow down a little and allow ourselves to let go, inhale and exhale a bit. No pun intended.

Motivates You

Shit!’ by Future. We all face B.S. at some point, but this song right here serves as the soundtrack to my workout segment, strictly dedicated to the flakes, haters, talkers, thieves, cheaters and assholes I’ve encountered along the way. I’m drenched by the end of it. Effectivity at its best!


‘I Need You Now’ by Smokie Norful. This is a gospel song that sparks the very same feelings I felt when I heard my dad sing a gospel song at the age of four. The chords, lyrics, weakness and strength, all resonate within and strike a chord in a painful but healing, reassuring way, hoping that our higher power hears our cry for help. Another tearjerker with honesty, vulnerability, desperation, but a sense of comfort toward the end.

Last Song I Listened To

Super Woman’ by Mýa. The last song I listened to is ‘Superwoman’ from my EP because it sets the tone for the day and gives me that extra push and motivation. Plus I’m rapping about some realness and it is a reminder of the Boss and G in me and in every woman.

Sweet XVI is available to download from Amazon and iTunes now.


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