5 reasons why Archer should be your new favourite show

Originally published on So So Gay on 23 June 2014.

It’s paradoxically both incredibly easy and yet nigh on impossible to watch all the must-see TV, thanks to streaming services like Netflix, whose automatic episode queuing facility is definitely exacerbating the national obesity crisis. Entire shows are at our finger tips but there are only so many hours in the day, not to mention the toilet isn’t going to come to you. However, if you cross your legs and put off the inevitable for another 20 minutes, you’ll be able to squeeze some unhinged joy into your life in the form of Archer.

Step forward Sterling Archer (the show’s namesake) and his gang of fellow spies and slightly demented admin staff who work for ISIS, the International Secret Intelligence Service, which is (very loosely) run by his domineering lush of a mother, Malory.

So, through the wonder and magic of many, many gifs, let’s look at why you should be watching Archer

1. It’s an animated comedy…

…but it’s definitely not for children. Pretty much the entire cast is sex obsessed (a source of much of the show’s humour) and/or suffer from addictive personalities. If they’re not bumping uglies then they’re getting drunk, taking drugs…or just generally causing unbridled chaos as the most unprofessional spy organisation on the planet.

Archer - Pam, dry humpArcher - Pam, hot for himArcher - Krieger, erectionArcher - Krieger, selfie

2. It’s like a James Bond movie, only ridiculous and hilarious

Packing just as much entertainment as your average action blockbuster, Archer is high octane insanity, full of Russian spies, mad science, and guns aplenty. With space pirates, bionic spies, and the ongoing mystery of who is Sterling’s father, Archer is definitely a show with a lot of balls in the air.

Ha, ‘balls’.

Archer - Cyril, space sickArcher - Pam, punchingArcher - Pam & Cheryl bazooka

3. Malory Archer’s utter lack of filter

Archer - Malory, minibarWhat comedy show would be complete without a high-functioning alcoholic? Archer has the imposing matriarch of Malory Archer, voiced by the wonderful Jessica Walter (Arrested Development).

Whether making vaguely racist remarks about ISIS’ latest mission targets or disparaging her employees and their efforts in one of her hair-brained schemes, Malory can always be relied upon to deliver her barbs with acidic panache, usually rounded off with a quick swig of her drink.

One thing is for sure, where Malory is concerned no-one is off limits.

Archer - Malory, jobsArcher - Malory, shotgunArcher - Malory, S.S. Date Rape

4. Catchphrases

No, not the classic game show starring Mr Chips and presented by Roy Walker. Aside from the show’s electric repartee, Archer has developed almost sketch show levels of catchphrases – a post in itself. To the uninitiated, the below may mean next to nothing, but for fans of the show their usage will always guarantee a laugh.

Archer - Pam, splooshArcher - Archer, Danger ZoneArcher - Cheryl, supervisorArcher - Pam, phrasing

5. Pam

Archer - Pam, shit-snacksJust Pam. All of the Pam.

Brilliantly brought to life by Amber Nash, Pam Poovey is ISIS’ put-upon Human Resources director. In the early episodes she’s portrayed as the metaphorical punching bag for the rest of the cast and very much a secondary character. However, over the course of the show we discover she’s a talented drift car racer and bare knuckle fighter (obvs), but really comes into her own when she’s approved for field work and develops a coke habit in season five. Yep.

Archer - Pam, cocaine!

Oh, and she will pretty much make sexual advances on anyone and everyone.

Archer - Pam, get weirdArcher - Pam, boob pokeArcher - Pam, misread

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enter the… danger zone!

Archer is available to stream now on Netflix.


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