#Recommended: Beverley Craven

Originally published on So So Gay on 5 August 2014.

Following the recent announcement about Change of Heart, Beverley Craven’s fifth studio album, we thought it an opportune time to check in with the BRIT Award-winning singer/songwriter. A veteran of the music world herself – her breakthrough hit ‘Promise Me’ came out back in 1990 – Beverley is currently preparing for an exhaustive tour of the UK to accompany her forthcoming album, and if it’s anything like her last one, it will certainly delight fans. Taking some time out from the album and tour planning, the singer revealed some of the tracks that push her buttons.

For her #Recommended, Beverley told us the songs that make her…


Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk. A friend of mine thought the lyrics were ‘Mexican Monkey’, which I now sing whenever I hear it…my daughters say I’ve ruined that song for them now!


The Windmills Of Your Mind’ by Noel Harrison – such a brilliant lyric, gorgeous melody and beautifully under-sung.


‘Work (The Freemasons Remix)’ by Kelly Roland – what a great groove – I don’t care what I look like when I dance, I just can’t keep still when I hear it.


Minnie Ripperton’s ‘Loving You’ – reminds me of being a teenager in love – ouch!


Melody Gardot’s ‘My One And Only Thrill’ – perfect background music.

Motivates you

Good Morning’ from Singin’ In The Rain…? If I’m in a good mood when I wake up, I spontaneously burst into song with this one!! 😉


Adagio For Strings’, the Leonard Bernstein version – I only wish William Orbit hadn’t done a remix job on it!!

Last listened to

I searched out Brenda Russell’s ‘Get Here’ by Oleta Adams on the internet the other day, just to remind myself of how great the production is – blimmin’ masterpiece!

Beverley’s new album, Change of Heart, will be released on 1 September.


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