#MyInfluences: Beverley Craven

Originally published on So So Gay on 18 September 2014.

Currently on a fairly exhaustive nationwide tour to complement the recent release of her fifth studio album, Change of Heart, BRIT Award-winning singer/songwriter Beverley Craven took some time out of her schedule to tell us a bit more about the music that has helped shape and inspire her as an artist.

Which song reminds you most of your childhood?

‘All Kinds of Everything’ by Dana. I used to pedal around the garden in my go-kart singing it!

What song inspired you to become a musician/singer?

I used to watch all the female singers on variety shows when I was younger, as well as old Hollywood musicals, and daydream that it was me playing the starring role! Later on, it was Kate Bush – she was, and still is, so different to everyone else.

Which song do you wish you had written?

‘Yesterday’ by Paul McCartney. It sounds great with just a guitar. Simple and strong, melancholy and melodic.

Which artist/band has been the most inspirational to you?

It’s a toss up between Kate Bush and Judi Tzuke…both have very individual voices – not like most of the R&B vocal acrobats currently in the charts, who all sound the same! Kate Bush, especially, because she’s so unconventional and definitely ‘out there’.

Beverley-Craven-Change-of-Heart-artworkWhich song/album currently dominates your attention?

My own album dominates my LIFE!!! From the initial idea, to writing it, and then to the production – it’s been a long haul, and I was still tweaking the mixes up until very recently.

Which artist/band do you currently have a close eye on?

I think Ed Sheeran is a great new artist – proper. I’m always interested to hear what he does.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I much prefer to write alone…it’s a personal experience, I think – too much of a compromise when you’re working with someone else. But production-wise, I would love to have worked with the late Arif Mardin.


Change of Heart is available to download from Amazon and iTunes. For tour dates, venues and tickets, visit Beverley Craven’s official website.


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