EP Review: Kerri Watt – Who’s Lovin’ Me Now?

Originally published on So So Gay on 29 September 2014.

Born and raised just outside Glasgow, via some musical training under the California sun, British singer/songwriter Kerri Watt releases her first collection of songs in the form of debut EP Who’s Lovin’ Me Now? Signed to the newly re-launched record label from The Libertines drummer Gary Powell, Kerri will be hoping this is the start of big things – so is it?

At just three tracks long, it’s certainly a mere taster of Watt’s talents, who has already apparently written enough songs for her next EP and debut album. Opening with the title track, ‘Who’s Lovin’ Me Now?’ is unashamedly pop with a slight country twist. It does have some unnecessary and marginally distracting vocal doubling on the chorus (some harmonising would’ve worked better), but the overall impact of the track is that Watt clearly has an ear for breezy, radio-friendly pop that could see her successfully climb the singles chart.

Kerri-Watt-Whos-Lovin-Me-NowMiddle track ‘Pirate Man’ is an unexpected change of direction from the bubbly opener, but in the best kind of way. Bluesy and equally catchy, it has the quirky vibe of Nadia Nair and shows that Watt is clearly comfortable writing in more than one genre. A polished and slightly haunting number, it could almost be an entirely different artist singing about a friend taking risks.

Things come to close with the stripped back acoustic performance of ‘So Crazy’. Kerri gives an emotional performance, though her voice does briefly sound pushed to its limits during the song’s crescendo. However, it’s yet another strong track that reveals Watt to be a promising new British music star.

At barely 10 minutes long, Who’s Lovin’ Me Now? is almost over before it’s really begun, yet still manages to showcase a breadth of potential from this talented songwriter. Wisely selected and with a polished finish, the EP is a very impressive first offering from a singer who undoubtedly has a lot more to bring to the table. If this trio of songs is any indication, we very much look forward to hearing if Watt can keep up this calibre and momentum across a full-length album – though we suspect she just might…

Who’s Lovin’ Me Now? is available to download now from Amazon and iTunes.



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