Giftastic: Life on Twitter

Ah, Twitter – the crack cocaine of social networking platforms. Fall in too deep and prepare to be overwhelmed with cat pics and animated gifs – and that’s just if you’re following me, sorrynotsorry. Talking of which, allow me to deliver my ode to life on Twitter (through the magic of gifs, obvs):

When you first join Twitter, you’re overwhelmed by its entirely simple, yet rather confusing…point.

Blackadder - confused


You spend the first couple of weeks barely tweeting, and what you tweet gets no response from anyone.

Ron - hello?


But then you finally get your first mention.

Excited baby


And it’s not long before you find you’ve reached 100 followers.

Beyonce - smug


But then you notice there are over 450,000 people (and counting!!1!1) following a Big Ben account that just tweets the word ‘BONG’ in various quantities.

Parks & Rec - Idiots


Not to mention that Muscle Mary who’s clearly only being followed because of his unfortunate allergy to clothes and chronic addiction to selfies.

Chelsea - calm down


So you soldier on and idly make a joke, which gets retweeted.


It’s only then you notice the typo.

Kirk - Self Slap


You try to distract yourself from this faux-pas by looking at what everyone else is tweeting, but then someone starts retweeting compliments.

Christina Yang - Nobody cares


And two other people you follow are openly flirting like dogs in heat.

GG - don't like you


To top it all off, you inadvertently start a Twitterstorm.



It all begins to get a bit much.

To make matters worse, you realise someone you like and thought got on well with has unfollowed you.

Latrice - crying


But you don’t want to be that guy who sends the dreaded ‘why have you unfollowed me?’ tweet.

AD - Lucille, door close


Still, at least that illiterate teenager who just followed you and OMG WAS TWEETED BY JUSTIN BIEBER 04/07/14 has immediately asked you to follow them back.

britney face


Aaaaaand block.

Michelle Visage - NO!


Just as you’re about to give up on the Twittersphere, a fave celeb of yours replies to one of your tweets and everything feels right with the world.

JJ Miss You Much 2


Even better, a great hunk o’ spunk with something to say has started following you too.

GG - spray self


You’re officially winning at this Twitter lark.

Janeway - deal with it


The only thing left to do is become a jaded social media whore and wait for the next big thing to come along.

30 Rock - bored




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