EP Review: Kerri Watt – You

This piece was originally published on So So Gay on 21 April 2015.

Last year, Scottish singer/songwriter Kerri Watt released her very impressive debut EP, Who’s Lovin’ Me Now?, to much critical acclaim. Following in its footsteps is EP number two, You.

Kerri-Watt-YouBrimming with summery vibes, Watt’s latest EP is another confident step from a promising talent, and its release couldn’t be better timed, what with the recent turn in the weather. The title track, which was released last month and has already achieved a wider audience thanks to a well-received remix by Oliver Nelson, is another catchy number from the clearly talented 22-year-old.

The slightly rockier edge of ‘Got My Heart’ works well and the mellow bliss of EP closer ‘Maybe’ is a joy, but it’s the playful romance of ‘Paris’ that goes neck-and-neck with ‘You’ for the EP’s best moment. Once again proving she has a knack for a pleasing earworm, Watt’s cheery and warm vocals are the icing on the cake for this mini-album.

While Watt’s new EP manages to be a more cohesive collection than her first, it would be a shame if the more quirky, creative flare she exhibited on ‘Pirate Man’ from Who’s Lovin Me Now? didn’t reappear on her third recording. Nevertheless, with You, Watt has successfully built on the strong work of her debut, and just like she calls her object of affection on the aforementioned ‘Paris’, perhaps Watt is our ‘best kept secret’ on the homegrown music front.

You is available to download from Amazon and iTunes now.



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