EP Review: Lóbo – two.two.

Originally published on So So Gay on 26 May 2015.

Lobo-two.two_Jacob Ferguson-Lobo, aka Lóbo, is one of those serendipitous discoveries we made by idly clicking around SoundCloud. His mononym inspired by his Portuguese heritage (which translates as ‘wolf’), London-based Lóbo has just released his second EP, two.two., which builds on the sound he established in his debut effort released last year.

Opening with the breezy sparkle and quivering vocal of ‘Sweet Mary’, the EP draws you in straight away. Next up is the reggae lilt of ‘Troubled Heart (Part I)’, which makes for a pleasing blend with the twinkling electronic beeps and looped vocals, while the funky groove of teaser track ‘Day Off’ is a toe-tapping joy that still sounds great sat in the middle of this EP. The four-track mini-album draws to a close with the slightly more chilled-out swing of ‘Our Love Age’, but it’s yet another well crafted tune. While listening to two.two. it’s near impossible not to get swept up into Lóbo’s melodious world and we only wish we’d found it sooner.

This delightful new EP very much follows in the footsteps of Lobo’s first EP from last year, When You’re Here. Full of cheerful melodies and catchy rhythms, if you were looking for a chilled out soundtrack for your summer – albeit a short one – two.two. is the perfect choice. We’re already looking forward to the younger composer’s next installment.

two.two. is available to download for free from Bandcamp.


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