Surely We’re All Being Punk’d? The Catholic Church Is A Spoof, Right?

An idiotic outpouring of homophobic bile is always a surefire way of prompting me to write a blog post, so here we are. Today’s post, though perhaps a day late and dollar short, has been instigated by comments made by Cardinal Keith O’Brien in a column he wrote for last Saturday’s Telegraph; that’s the decrepit virgin in charge of the Scottish branch of the Catholic church for those of you who always get your bigots mixed up. The column saw him rallying against the government’s upcoming consultation on whether same-sex marriage should be introduced in England and Wales. If you happen to read it, don’t worry if you start to hear a screechy tuneless pitch; you’ve not suddenly developed an unexpected case of tinnitus, it’s just me playing the world’s tiniest violin in sympathy.

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No Way No Gay (Marriage)

So apparently 2012 is still too soon for gay people to be considered equals by everyone. Great stuff.

Just when you think you’re living in a progressive country with an enviable reputation for gay rights and societal acceptance, along comes news stating that members of your currently elected government are about to block legislation to enable you to marry the love of your life. Cheers for that.

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Brian Sewell, What A Terribly Ridiculous Human Being You Are At Times

Brian, Brian, Brian. Seriously, what the fuck? Today, on the Daily Mail website there is an article by art critic Brian Sewell stating that the British soap opera “Coronation Street” is too gay. Isn’t it a little early in the day for this much self-loathing?

After a casual bit of misogyny in his opening gambit, Sewell gets right down to business. Before I go any further I think it’s worth congratulating the Daily Mail on finding a self-loathing gay man to spew these opinions. You can almost hear the internal thought processes of the top-tier people at the Daily Mail: “if we get a homosexual to slag off the Corrie gays we can’t POSSIBLY be accused of peddling more homophobia.” Well actually, it turns out you can.

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