Giftastic: Life on Twitter

Ah, Twitter – the crack cocaine of social networking platforms. Fall in too deep and prepare to be overwhelmed with cat pics and animated gifs – and that’s just if you’re following me, sorrynotsorry. Talking of which, allow me to deliver my ode to life on Twitter (through the magic of gifs, obvs): Continue reading “Giftastic: Life on Twitter”


Guys? Can We Try & Cut Back On The Dicksplashery, Please?

Last Friday, the writer and comedian, Emma Kennedy, published a blog post highlighting a spat she’d had with a (now blocked) follower over whether young writers should do work for free, which evolved into a heated exchange via email.

As far as I can see, and as Emma signs off in her blog post, they both acted a little like arseholes during their conversation; interesting that Jon seems unable to admit this though. It’s fascinating to see how the briefest of comments, which is all tweets are, can lead to a place of unwarranted and extreme hostility. As Jon points out, I don’t think the two of them have wildly differing opinions on this matter, it’s more that Emma approaches it from an idealist’s point of view and Jon from that of a pragmatist.

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Perhaps I Need to Reconsider My View of Kids…

This video is great. In case you’ve not seen it before, it’s of a kid who meets his first gay couple and his reaction to this BRAND NEW INFORMATION makes my heart melt; and I say that as someone who (as anyone who knows me in real life will attest) isn’t too fond of kids, generally speaking. It’s amazing how a kid gets it, but millions of homophobic adults across the world don’t. Here’s to the future when everyone thinks this way, or at least the overwhelming majority.