DVD Review: The Code

Originally published on So So Gay on 5 November 2014.

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“Never Been Kissed”: Glee episode review

As a guy with his finger on the gay pulse*, (*spends too much time reading US blogs & forums), I was aware of this Kurt storyline when it first aired in the States back in November last year, as well as having seen some of the key scenes & plot twists, like Blaine’s “Teenage Dream” and the bully kissing Kurt. However, having finally seen this episode in its entirety I was pleasantly surprised by how seriously Kurt’s story arc played out, rather than with the fluff Glee could have easily passed it off as.

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“Grilled Cheesus”: Glee’s enjoyable religious episode

While watching last night’s episode of Glee on E4 I started to worry that it was going to fall in to familiar territory when dealing with religion. As my experience with American television shows goes, whenever religion rears its ugly head the default position seems to be that everyone’s religious and to suggest otherwise just doesn’t happen. As such, I was pleasantly surprised when the character Kurt’s atheism was brought up and (more importantly) not trampled all over by the other characters religiosity. There was certainly more than one occasion when the writers could have made Kurt buckle under peer-pressure/pandering to the religious views of many Americans. The episode’s main focus was the dwindling relationship between Kurt and his father, Burt.

Side note: seriously, of all the names they could’ve given Kurt’s father and they went with Burt. Kurt and Burt. No, that doesn’t sound like a last minute decision, late on a Friday afternoon, just before everyone buggers off for the weekend. Not one bit.

I digress…

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